ADS-B Surveillance Technology for Aircraft

A seasoned pilot of more than three decades, the owner of X Radio has bought his fair share of costly hardware over the years that did not quite live up to expectations. He has developed the ADS-B app and receiver kit to be an affordable tool that was functional and easy for pilots to use. This inexpensive app is available now, so purchase it online and download it ahead of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) 2020 mandate, which requires ADS-B technology in the cockpit to fly in most controlled airspaces.

You can increase the safety of your flight for the price of a couple gallons of fuel. This complete system only requires a $3 Android app and a $25 X Radio receiver kit. Competing products that have the same features cost as much as $1,000!

Android ADS-B Software

Our Android software allows pilots to view air traffic on their tablet or mobile device with the ADS-B on USB receiver. It also lets you verify that any installed equipment is operating properly. Pilots appreciate our technology works as advertised.


ADS-B Receiver Kit

View ADS-B traffic and subscription-free weather on your tablet with the ADS-B Receiver Kit. The ADS-B Receiver Kit includes an RF Receiver, SMA adapter, MCX antenna, and micro USB male-to-female USB adapters. Order your kit today.